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What are Your Music Video Goals?

What are Your Music Video Goals?

Vacations take a lot of planning. You need to book travel arrangements and accommodations. Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll need an agenda of what activities you will do and places you will visit to experience the most of the city...

Facebook Pushes Viral Videos

Facebook Pushes Viral Videos

Youtube has traditionally been the main platform for viral videos. With 100 hours of videos uploaded every minute and 6 billion hours watched every month, Youtube maintains its dominance through volume...

Viral Videos Have a Big Impact on Sales

Viral Videos Have a Big Impact on Sales

A new Nielson chart shows the percentage change in sales after the video was posted. There appears to be a strong correlation between a strong music video release and sales increase...

Album Trailers – Another Tool in Your Video Marketing Toolbox

When marketing and promoting your music, video has always been a dominant player. Originally, music videos were the primary visual marketing format. As music videos began to rise in popularity and morphed into theatrical productions, "behind the scenes" videos added an extra touch point around the music video and song. As press kits evolved with the digital age and became harder to define, video b ...[Read More]

David & Goliath – Indie Labels take on Youtube over Licensing Disupte

As soon as news leaked about Youtube potentially blocking indie artist's videos upon launch of a paid streaming service, a storm of posts hit the webs filled with rumors. As the smoke is beginning to clear and doomsday for these indie videos imminently approaches, things are not looking so bleak.

How Will Twitch Acquisition Influence YouTube?

YouTube has tried to create a live streaming service but as Gigaom pointed out in their short history of YouTube Live, Google all but killed the service early this year. Unlike, Twitch where you can broadcast using downloadable software from your desktop or from your Playstation or Xbox One, YouTube Live wasn’t plug and play. There are some original live programs being produced using Google +, lik ...[Read More]

Educational Music Videos have Value way Beyond Entertainment

educational music videos

Music's main value has always been entertainment, in that it transfers feeling to us. Music makes us laugh, cry, pump our fists in the air, and otherwise feel a full range of emotions. But can music videos make us smarter? Music has always played a role in learning, from the alphabet song to memorizing multiplication tables. A new study on educational music videos by the University of Washingto ...[Read More]

CMT Premieres Lee Brice’s new video ‘I Don’t Dance’

Originally written as a wedding gift for Lee’s wife Sara, it was the song for their first dance as husband and wife. Now, it is quickly becoming we wedding song of the summer as The Knot has selected the song for the Dream Wedding of Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino on April 4.Both Rebekah and Pete are survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing incident that occurred last year. The Know also ...[Read More]

The Value of Music Video Promotion

viral music video

In 1995, Michael Jackson spent $7 million dollars on his music video ‘Scream’. Bob Dylan made a video for the song ‘Love Is Lost’ for $12.99, in 2013. The whole music industry has been gloriously turned on its head. Music videos have changed drastically, from a passive to interactive. They've gone from massive productions to DIY. Back in the heyday of MTV and music television programming, music v ...[Read More]

Riley Etheridge Music Video Premiere on American Songwriter

Riley Etheridge premieres his new music video on American Songwriter! Bio Respected singer-songwriter Riley Etheridge Jr. has reached many people with his poetic and vulnerable songwriting. His carefully crafted four-album catalog is rife with haunting and healing stories of the human condition, each emotionally resonate and each thoughtfully placed within well-developed thematic albums. But after ...[Read More]

Best Interactive Music Videos

viral music video

Linkin Park have come out with a new interactive music video today for the song “Guilty All The Same”. The video was a collaboration with Xbox and Microsoft. Users are able to creatively remix the song and game using Project Spark. It’s a really cool concept but you’ll need an Xbox or Windows machine to view so for those of us with Macs and Playstations, I’ve curated ...[Read More]

Remix videos are viral videos

All Access posted an article this morning belaboring a point we made previously about Beyonce’s Partition video and the fan videos that pushed it up the streaming charts. Creating re-mixable content for your fan base is a creative and fun way for them to communicate with each other with you, the artist, as the center of the conversation. Not only will fan created videos expand the web real e ...[Read More]

How To Go Viral – Flappy Bird Remix

The internet moves fast. Literally at the speed of light. So you always need to be ready to respond. Remember when Oreo tweeted “You can still dunk in the dark” during the 2013 Superbowl blackout. That is a perfect example of taking advantage of events happening around you and responding. That quick action led to 15,000 retweets and 20,000 Facebook likes. Today’s case study invol ...[Read More]

Vine & Instagram – AristoVideo Social Boost!

Viewers an unlimited number of options to watch music videos these days, but the goal is to get them to watch your show. Vine & Instagram are two great tools to reach potential viewers, let them know about your show and get/keep them interested. Anything goes but the more creative you are the greater your reach!

How To Go Viral – Lesson from OK GO

viral music video

OK GO – The Fathers of Viral Music Videos Youtube was barely a year old when OK GO became one of its first viral music video superstars on July 31, 2006, with their video “Here It Goes Again”. The video got over 1 million views in less than six days, so it makes sense that Google bought Youtube in late 2006. OK GO kept it up with viral hit after viral hit, that kept the fire under their musi ...[Read More]

Fix Nvidia Graphics Driver Installation Problems in Windows 10

Our Brand new NVIDIA video card has chosen to make the impulses? Don’t know how to update a driver? On the off chance that you have any issues with the Santa Clara home video cards, you are in the correct place. In this guide we will demonstrate to you proper methodologies to settle non specific issues with your video card by reestablishing, uninstalling, or reinstalling the driver and the c ...[Read More]

New Christian Music Videos

MercyMe – “Shake” Grammy-nominated band MercyMe’s new video was filmed in Huntsville, AL with amateur shakers and professional dancers from the North Alabama Dance Center. Bart Millard(singer,songwriter) explained, “The song is about enjoying the fact that we’re changed, having joy and living life that way,” in an interview with The Underground Site. The Digital Age – ...[Read More]