Matt Kimbrow Band #14 on Artists.CMT Platform!

A huge congratulations to Texas group Matt Kimbrow Band on the ultra-successful launch of their debut music video, “If It All Goes Right,” through the Artists.CMT platform!

Using the new Artists.CMT platform, Matt Kimbrow Band and AristoVideo premiered “If It All Goes Right” on Tuesday, April 16, 2013. As of Friday, April 19, at noon, the video has been streamed more than 3,500 times with 2,100 Facebook Likes!

This activity currently makes the Matt Kimbrow Band #14 on the Artists.CMT platform – smack dab in between Eric Church and Toby Keith.

The campaign also featured a limited amount of free song downloads of the “If It All Goes Right” single!

Check out the Matt Kimbrow Band Artists.CMT page here:

Watch “If It All Goes Right” below!