What are Your Music Video Goals?

Vacations take a lot of planning. You need to book travel arrangements and accommodations. Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll need an agenda of what activities you will do and places you will visit to experience the most of the city. If you’re traveling to another country, plans will be more complicated with foreign currencies, languages and culture. What if you made plans, booked travel and accommodation arrangements, took time off work but never left your house? That would be a big waste of time and money, right? The same goes for a music video campaign.

You can plan and buy a video marketing campaign, but without a destination or end goal, you’ll spin your tires for three months and not get anywhere. A good music video marketing campaign has an end goal and is tailored to meet that goal. Whether you are trying to promote a single, an album, or tour, you need to keep your destination in mind and prepare yourself for arrival.

1) Make sure your music is available.

The obvious goal of any promotional campaign is to direct attention to what is being promoted. If fans like your video and search for your song online, they should be able to quickly find it, lest it be forgotten. This means uploading music to streaming services and making it available for purchase online. Also, make sure your metadata is correct so search engines can effectively catalog your music.

2) Update your social media profiles

You are going to receive increased traffic on your site with the release of a new video, so make sure it is up to date. Push out regular content on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t forget to post promo updates leading up to the video release. Update bios, tour dates, media, and the design of your website to reflect the tone of your video and create a cohesive brand.

3) Plan your content strategy

Once you have the attention of viewers, you need to keep it and try to convert them to dedicated fans. In order to do this you’ll need a consistent plan to roll out content. You don’t need to release content on a daily basis but the more regular the better. Don’t compromise quality for frequency. A few quality pieces of video a month will serve you better than several hasty clips a week.

4) Push people to ancillary goals

The goal of promoting your music video may be to promote your tour, merchandise, attract attention from bookers or something else. Your promotional campaign should be tailored to target those goals and you should be prepared for people to respond. Tour dates should be posted on your website as well as sites like Songkick. Your video annotation should be optimized and e-blasts should targeted towards the people you’re trying to impress.

Video is increasingly becoming a popular way to consume content, online, offline, and on mobile devices. Just like you would never plan a vacation and miss the plane, don’t miss the opportunity to use your music video promotion to boost other parts of your career. AristoVideo has the strategic planning expertise to help you maximize the power of your music video.