Music Video Madness launches today on

The Third Annual Music Video Madness tournament is underway at the blog RoughStock and  this year 12 music videos will compete in a fan-voted, bracketed tournament complementing all those other totally insane times in the month of March (you know what we’re talking about!).

How Music Video Madness Works

Videos are broken into four conferences featuring four videos that go head to head with a winner decided by fan votes. After the first round, those videos given an initial bye will enter the field to compete in an elite 8 round with winners advancing. Finally, the final two videos will battle to see who will follow Craig Campbell (Year 1 winner) and Andy Gibson (Year 2 winner) in being crowned the champion of the Third Annual Music Video Madness.

While all these video votes are in good fun, we have a handful of prize packs to give away featuring swag (CDs and/or photos, shirts, hats, etc) from EACH artist in the contest so that means if you win that contest (which will start later today) you will get something cool from each artist, not just one item from each of the artists.

The Games

Head on over to RoughStock now to watch the videos, vote for your favorites and enter the contest!