The Value of Music Video Promotion

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In 1995, Michael Jackson spent $7 million dollars on his music video ‘Scream’. Bob Dylan made a video for the song ‘Love Is Lost’ for $12.99, in 2013. The whole music industry has been gloriously turned on its head. Music videos have changed drastically, from a passive to interactive. They’ve gone from massive productions to DIY.

Back in the heyday of MTV and music television programming, music videos were a product to sell advertising dollars. After the novelty wore off, television programmers found that it was hard to get viewers to commit to a block of music videos because there wasn’t a cohesive story line to carry viewers through the commercial break. The distribution of music videos was further disrupted when Youtube made video distribution accessible to anyone with an internet connection and computer. Music videos suddenly found themselves in a sea of cat and fail videos, competing for viewer attention.

So do music videos still matter?
Music videos matter a lot!

  • Put a face to the music

Music videos give artists a more complete identity that a sound recording can’t. Putting a face to the music brings fans closer and creates a strong bond between them and the artist. It also gives artists the opportunity to fully complete their persona. Music videos can also give fans a taste of the live shows.

  • Promote other activities surrounding the band

The music video does not stand alone but it co-promotes everything else surrounding the band. Music videos can help attract fans to shows, promote music releases, sell merchandise, or bring awareness to causes or issues that the artist cares about.

  • Measure of influence and success

We’ve blogged about this before but its important to note because using videos as a measure of success is relatively new. Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus were music video char pioneers as they’ve all climbed the charts using video streams as rungs up the ladder. Billboard and Twitter are collaborating on ranking artists via social charts and with cooperation between Vevo and Twitter, music videos will be a huge factor of those charts.

  • Revenue stream

Of course, we all like to talk about money and music videos are a form of entertainment that sells advertising dollars. Thanks to Youtube, everyone can upload and monetize their music videos, so advertising dollars are not limited to the few artists whose video is spun on the major cable networks.

Music videos are a valuable and powerful tool for artists, but how do you get views? AristoVideo specializes in music video promotion and can guide you through the steps of optimizing your video and putting it in front of as many eyes as possible. We believe in promoting things the hard way, so real people who will share and respond to your video click on it, not a click farm some remote part of the world.

Music Video Promotion Strategy

  • Youtube Optimization and SEO
  • National and Syndicated Show Placement
  • Regional Show Placement
  • Online and Social Media Marketing
  • Music Video Consulting

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