New Outlet Submission Form

AristoVideo music video promotion

Dear programmer:

Thank you for requesting video service from AristoVideo. In order to better serve you, we request you complete this questionnaire and send back at your earliest convenience. Once we receive the questionnaire, we’ll add you to our servicing list.

The following are important facts about our service:

• Videos are distributed to you without charge and for promotional use only.
• We require weekly and/or daily playlists detailing the videos in use and the specific dates/ # of times they are aired.
• Promotional calls will be made on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to compile play information and promote upcoming videos.
• We distribute videos by DVD or H264 download
• Program must identify videos by use of chyron, introduction by host or listed in show credits. The following information must be contained: Song Title, Artist Name and Record Label


I agree to provide AristoVideo with detailed video playlists and/or rotation information on a regular basis (at least every two weeks) and a show copy (on DVD) approximately every six months. I also agree to include: Artist Name, Song Title and Record label, through chyrons, VJ introduction, voice-over or within show credits. I agree to inform AristoVideo of any and all status changes that occur within the aforementioned show.

Should the individual record labels represented by AristoVideo ever require specific licensing of the videos serviced by AristoVideo, I agree to negotiate directly with said label in good faith as to the label’s terms and conditions. Failure to comply with any of these terms will result in suspension and/or termination of service.

First name: Last name:
I agree to the Terms and Services of ArisoVideo’s video servicing agreement.

Basic Show Information

Show name:
Contact name:
Mailing Address
City: State: Zipcode:
Email: Phone:
Website: Twitter: Facebook:
Alternate Contact:
Alternate Email: Phone:
Is your show affiliated with a radio station, club, or music store? Please Explain.

Demographic and Market Info

Station Call Letters: Broadcast Power: Full Power Low Power
Channel Position: DTV Channel:
Network Affiliates: NBC ABC CBS FOX CW MYTV Other:
DMA Market Station – Location: DMA #:
Total Households reached:
Cable Company(/providers): Channel:
DMA Market Station – Location: DMA #:
Total Households reached:
Syndication (Please fill out if your show is syndicated in any way)
Describe syndications:
Station and Market listings:
Total households reached:

Schedule, Format, and Programming

How will you use music videos? (e.g. Music video show, filler, news show ect.)
What genres would you consider airing?: Country ChristianPopA/CRockR&B/Rap[ Other:
Is Your program live or pre produced?: Is it hosted?:
Can you do artist interviews(on location or via skype)?: Can you use Behind The Scenes footage or Press Kit footage?:
Define how may plays a video will receive in the following rotation categories (Please note daily, weekly or monthly)
Heavy Meduim Light
Would you like to an H264 .mov download link or a DVD? H264 DVD
List days and times when show airs:
How often do you produce new shows?:
How often do you run repeats?: