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The Value of Music Video Promotion

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In 1995, Michael Jackson spent $7 million dollars on his music video ‘Scream’. Bob Dylan made a video for the song ‘Love Is Lost’ for $12.99, in 2013. The whole music industry has been gloriously turned on its head. Music videos have changed drastically, from a passive to interactive. They've gone from massive productions to DIY. Back in the heyday of MTV and music television programming, music v ...[Read More]

New Music Video Releases

New Music Video Releases

Dean Miller – “Till You Stop Getting Up” Dean Miller, son of country icon Roger Miller, has released a new music video that tells the tale of Golden Gloves boxer Jack Kelly or maybe it is the story of Kris Kristofferson, who makes a guest appearance in the video. USA Today premiered the video on Feb 7, 2014 Small Town Pistols – “Colour Blind” Formerly, The Wilki ...[Read More]