Vine & Instagram – AristoVideo Social Boost!

Viewers have an unlimited number of options to watch music videos today. The goal is to get them to watch your show above all other options. Vine and Instagram are two great tools to reach potential viewers, let them know about your show and get/keep them interested. Anything goes, but the more creative you are the greater your reach!
I’ve put together some sample posts to get the wheels turning about how you can use Vine, Instagram and other other picture/video social networks. Don’t forget to cross promote across other platforms that your viewers are using!

Clips and Teasers for Shows

Simple and easy, give ’em a taste of what’s to come! But always leave the wanting more…

Pinterest is another great site to share photos!


Music Choice is one of the funniest music video viners. They post music video memes, bloopers, people acting crazy behind the scenes. You gotta check it out.

Behind the scenes

BTS, bloopers, and extended cuts are great to share via picutre/video social networks because the give the viewer a complete experience of the show.

Special interest

This is a catch all category for everything else related to your show. News items, creative intros, staff members acting goofy – it all gives your show character and brings people in.