Ways To Make Sex Sexier and More Interesting When You’re In A Longterm!!

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  1. Drink as a sexual stimulant

If you drink, take the main course or champagne at dessert. Alcohol reduces inhibitions and can make some people feel sexier. But limit yourself to one or two glasses. An amount exceeding 100 grams of alcohol has the potential to make some men unable to keep their erections and can make some women get harder to orgasm

  1. Music

For the diversity of seduction, mix your favorite sexy songs. You can have a CD or folder with inspirational music. Here are some suggestions according to your preferences and your partner.

For Romantics: Chet Baker: “The Best Thing for You”, Billie Holiday “Love Songs”. For the “natural” genre: Eric Clapton: “Unplugged,” Cat Stevens: “Greatest Hits” for Flirt: “Frank Sinatra: Love Is A Kick”, Sade: “Diamond Life,” Stevie Wonder of Life, for the erotic genre: Prince: “Dirty Mind”, Madonna “Erotica”, Nina Simone: “After Hours”.

3. Position

If you are placed in a sexual position that you do not like too much, move up until you find a comfortable position. You can switch to most positions without having to “disconnect”. If the partner does not naturally follow the movements, involve him in your maneuvers by simply saying “let’s try the position”. (N. If your partner might be intimidated or disturbed by such a request, try to take command and change your position by moving.)

 4. The right place

According to a study published in an American magazine, conducted on a sample of 40,000 women, 80% of respondents said they love to make love outside the bedroom, 58% said they like in the living room, 24% in outdoor, and 23% in a car. But beware! When people have sex everywhere in the house, they can get into dangerous territory. If you have sex in the bathroom, be careful not to slip and fall. If you do on the kitchen counter, be careful not to burn with any hot appliance. Sex around the house should be fun, not dangerous for your life. Practice protected sex and take basic protection measures.

5. Turn the bedroom into a … “sexual nest”

Get rid of all the clutter and accumulation of unnecessary objects that can distract you – mother-of-pear bibel gifts, decorative cushions with marguerites (are harsh and scratchy), pictures of relatives and small unimportant souvenirs. The idea is to leave the airy space and choose only decoration elements that enhance sensuality: sheets or a silk cover, soft pillows, scented candles – in short, materials, textures and fragrances that blend senses. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get this effect – it’s enough to put some clean and comfortable bed linen.

6. Share your fantasy sexually

Nothing will come closer than to share your erotic fantasies with each other. Regardless of what you’re talking about (playing roles, sexy costumes, pink coins, or hands tied to a silk scarf), telling your partner your most intimate fantasy makes you vulnerable and shows how much trust you have in it . Give your partner the most important part in your fantasy that he may feel involved: do not tell him that you have seen it in a movie or what you did with a former boyfriend.

7. Tell her or him how much she or he excites you

When it comes to sex and romance, the key is not flowers, food or jewels, it’s all about making your partner understand that you think he is appealing. Show them how excited you are to see how they get dressed! So you’ll encourage him to tell you how sexy he thinks you are.

8. Focus on prelude

For the experience to be a special one, try something new, like a sensual massage. Another idea is to use a sex toy. Whatever you choose, the partner will definitely appreciate your initiative!

9. Spend time together after sex

No one condemns you if you go to drink a mouthful of water or run to bath after sex. But after that, you should go back to bed. The most important part of sex is obviously orgasm, but also after sex continues to release endorphins. It’s an ideal way to extend your privacy. Whether you’re hugging, talking or sharing a sandwich in bed, it’s important to find a way to enjoy each other – it’s extremely romantic!

10. Trust in one’s own person

During sex, when a woman is above she has to be trusted in the rails. This pleasing position for many of the men is related to their fantasy of letting you dominate. So they are slaves, and they are domineers. This fantasy is also present in sex parties where women do not take the whip.